mustafa al-adhami

Mustafa Al-Adhami is an architect, BSc, MSc,  and PhD Researcher in the built environment at the University of Huddersfield with a specialisation in digital architecture and sustainability. He has many years of experience in computer modelling, simulation, reality capturing technologies and Internet of things. He has developed several immersive virtual reality/augmented reality applications for the built environment as a proof of concept which you can find some examples on this website. In the past few years, his interest has focused on advanced digital technologies, simulation tools, and VR/AR visualisation to support the built environment applications.

In 2020 Mustafa started this website CyberrealityX, through which he enjoys a regular dialog with Academics, AEC Industry Professionals, Students, and Developers in the Built environment. He also uses it to share his research into how advanced digital technologies connect with emerging industry trends, such as reality capture, virtual reality, and the internet of things.

Mustafa can be contacted by email through the contact page. If you need support/help don’t hesitate to contact but please don’t expect an immediate reply. You can also use the blog section, twitter, and Facebook page to connect, communicate, and discuss with others.

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